The Visa Application Process

The Visa Application Process

1. Prepare your Visa application

You will be required to recheck the appropriate visa type you need to apply for, the visa fees and all the required documents. The next step will be to complete and sign the application form and collect and prepare all required documents before applying.

2. Make an appointment with the Application Center

It is mandatory to make a prior appointment before you can go the application center and submit your documents to start the Visa process. Visa applications will not be accepted without an appointment letter.

3. Submission of Visa application

Prior to submission of documents, you are required to ensure that all your documents are arranged in the order specified in the checklist, and that your application form is filled and signed. The process of submission generally takes around 10 minutes and your documents will be collected and verified.

After the verification, all the information provided will be logged into an online system of the German consulate and you will be provided with a printed copy of your application. You will be asked to recheck and verify all the details provided and sign the form. The next step is to pay for the visa and you will be issued a receipt which you will have to provide when you return to collect the processed application.

Once your application is accepted, your application form, your passport, and your documents will be temporarily held by the application center. While your application is being processed, you will have to leave your passport with the application center and cannot retrieve it until the process is complete. If by any reason you are required to take your passport back before the completion of the process, the entire application will be cancelled and you will have to re-apply and start the process over.

The application will ultimately be sent to the Consulate the next working day to be processed.

Before preparing for the application process, keep the following in mind:

  1. You should make sure to find information regarding the time that will be required for the application to be processed by the Immigration Office. In general, German visa applications take around 25 days to be processed. To avoid any last minute complications, it is advised to apply for the visa at least three months in advance.
  2. All the information provided in the application form should be vetted and rechecked to avoid any mistakes and reduce the chances of the application being rejected. All information provided should be complete and as accurate as possible.
  3. Make sure to bring the original copies and photocopies of all the required documents when you submit the application.
  4. Ensure that all required documents are signed and arranged in their specified order.
  5. You will be required to submit your photographs with the application. Recheck the number of photos that are required and ensure that they are attached as needed.
  6. Make sure to never provide or attach any kind of false information with the application. Doing so can get your permanently debarred from entering Germany and can also cause you to face legal consequences.
  7. Do not be late for your appointment at the application center and make sure to inform them of any delays or postponements.

The Visa Interview Process:

The visa interview is perhaps the part of the application process that most people find to be daunting and are often worried about. The aim of the interview is to ensure that you are prepared and well equipped for your stay in the country. The interview usually focuses of questions to test your knowledge of Germany, your intent for wanting to travel to or work in Germany, and to assess your financial status. The answers to these questions will provide the visa officer with the necessary information that will be required to make their final decision.

A few examples of the possible interview questions include:

  1. Why do you want to study in Germany and not in Canada or the United States of America?
  2. Where will you stay in Germany?
  3. How have you been preparing for your stay in Germany?
  4. Can you name any important tourist attraction sites in Germany?
  5. How many states are there in Germany, and can you name some of them?
  6. Who told you about Germany?
  7. Why do you want to travel to Germany and what is the purpose of your visit?
  8. What is the duration of your stay?
  9. Why did you choose Germany over staying in your home country?
  10. Where in Germany will you be staying?
  11. Do you wish to remain in Germany after completing your PG, or return to your home country?
  12. Have you applied for a visa at the German Embassy or any of the Schengen countries before?
  13. Do you have any relatives in Germany?
  14. Do you plan to continue your work in Germany?
  15. What do expect your living expenses to be in your city for one year?

Tips for Attending the Visa Interview:

  1. Make sure to be on time for your interview.
  2. Inform the embassy ahead of time in case you can’t make it to the visa interview due to any urgent circumstances.
  3. Be respectful and maintain a polite demeanor. Remain friendly and calm during the interview process.
  4. Dress appropriately and make sure to wear something you feel comfortable in. Try to be confident and do your best to not be anxious or nervous.
  5. Check all the necessary documents and ensure to carry them along with you to the embassy.
  6. Make sure to research and get yourself acquainted with questions that are most likely to be asked during the visa interview.
  7. Try to remain honest and answer all the questions straightforwardly. Be patient during the interview process.
  8. maintain your composure during the interview process regardless of the circumstances.
  9. Do not hesitate to ask the visa officer for clarifications in case of any doubts and remember to thank the visa officer after the interview.
  10. Carry the originals and at least 2-3 copies of all the required documents. Arrange them in their required order.

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